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SVS is authorized dealer of award winning company Konica Minolta’s in multi-functional bizhub printing systems, Konica minolta have versatile A3 range products Color & B/W multifunctional printers, flexible printing systems, As well as cost-effective and space-saving all-in-ones.

SVS has been focusing on multivendor supply system to deliver all brands and models to their customers and also experts at SVS technologies are well experienced in installation maintaining of photocopiers(Xerox machines) for multiple brand.

SVS technicians are trained at vendor places of multiple brands and our services include Annual maintenance Contract for longevity aspiring small, medium and large scale industries. SVS is one stop solutions for printing/scanning/copying products and services, it can be B/W or color, we can mail them fax them and also print them from different locations via internet, fastest technology that we use

We also provide full service maintenance as per the user requirement based the agreement as norms of service.

Our Products


Sl No. Model Type View Brochures
1 Bizhub 185 165 (18ppm, 16ppm, Basic Simplex Machine) B/W View
2 Bizhub 225i & 205i (20ppm, 22ppm, Keypad panel Machine) B/W View
3 Bizhub 306i 266i 226i (30ppm, 26ppm, 22ppm Keypad panel Machine) B/W View
4 Bizhub 367 287 227 (36ppm, 28ppm, 22pm, Touch pad Mechine) B/W View
5 Bizhub 658e 558e 458e (65ppm, 55ppm, 45ppm, High end modules) B/W View
6 Bizhub 958 758 (95ppm, 75ppm, High end modules) B/W View
7 Bizhub C226 (22ppm, Basic color Mechine) Color View
8 Bizhub C227 (22ppm, Basic color Mechine with HDD Support) Color View
9 Bizhub c360i c300i c250i (36ppm, 30ppm, 25ppm, Heavy duty Mechine) Color View
10 Bizhub C558e C458e (55ppm, 45ppm, Heavy duty Mechine) Color View