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Photocopier Solutions

we recommend multifunctional devices based on the user requirement.
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Laptop & Desktops

SVS provide best price on laptops and desktops with wide range of product solutions, hassle free purchase with a long time service relationship.
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CCTV Security

Get all the brands of CCTV equipment’s and accessories in whole sale price form our distribution channel with service and installation.
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Large Display Panel

Best grade displays with sharp clear images for successful viewing experience in multiple models with customizable option available in best prices.
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What people saying About SVS

  • I am inspired with the huge adaptability that SVS guarantees to convey. Given the fulfillment of the arrangement in conveying a completely designed offering, I Except it to be extremely convincing with respect to different solutions in the market.


    Senior Engineer
  • "I am confident about services of SVS. They understand the User requirement and delivers the right product and best services in time"


  • Design to budgeting technologies with a quicker solutions to immediate problems are important to our industry, that would not be possible without support of SVS, where our customers expect near 100% availability, which has been achieving with ease .


  • Availability of trending technologies with ease of opt in or opt out service experience encourages to re visit SVS. I have been the customer since last 4 years and am happy with service and product quality.